Searching For A Partner

Falling for a Friend


Life provides people with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and relationships seem to be one area where they congregate. Two singles seeking a long term relationship could be nothing more than friends for years, and then they become a couple. Falling for a friend is a time-honoured tradition in some areas of the world, but modern couples seem to favour finding someone new. For those who find their childhood friend is suddenly potential partner material, it could be the discovery of a lifetime.

There are plenty of people who have single friends looking for relationships, yet they have never really thought of them in a romantic sense. A sudden event could change their outlook, and it could be a mutual discovery. Other friendships are ones where one person knows they are in love, but they realize the other person is oblivious to their feelings. They may wait years before the friendship progresses into a romantic relationship.

Unusual events are often the switch that must be flipped to turn two friends into romantic partners, and it does not occur on a time schedule. The two may have been married to other people, and both of them eventually divorced when they realized their relationships with others did not work. It might be at that point they finally realize their emotional attachment to each other is one that can progress further. It can be a time of great happiness, but it might also be a time when both are frightened their friendship will be lost if they move forward.

The feelings people have for each other do not always fit neatly into a box, and they can change over time. Falling for a friend might seem unlikely, but it can and does happen to couples least expecting it. It can provide them with a lifetime of happiness if they are willing to move forward.